N95 / KN95 Face Mask with Breathing Valve-Dust Mask Anti Pollution Breathable Masks, PM2.5 KN95 Safety Masks /Sanitary Masks/Protective Masks

N95 / KN95 Face Mask with Breathing Valve-Dust Mask Anti Pollution Breathable Masks, PM2.5 KN95 Safety Masks /Sanitary Masks/Protective Masks



Product Description

Note: Be sure to wear a good mask when going out at a special time, try not to go to the places where the crowd gathers, and carefully identify and judge, do not buy inferior masks, endanger your health! Best wishes!
Detailed description:
1.Breathable and comfortable: Disposable dust mask with large-diameter filter can dehumidify and ventilate. It can effectively remove hot and humid gases, while preventing haze, ultra-low breathing resistance, more comfortable to wear, help to remove air, reduce heat and moisture accumulation, and the glasses will not fog.

2.6-layer protective layer: the dust mask uses antibacterial non-woven fabric layer, imported antibacterial haze meltblown fabric layer and breathable soft hot air cotton layer. Can contact the skin without irritation to the skin and block harmful gases. The thickened activated carbon filter can help filter the odor in the air, and effectively filter formaldehyde, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, etc. Another dual-engine filter layer absorbs moisture and sweat layers.

3.The anti-pollution breathable breathing mask fully complies with the Kn95 standard, please rest assured to buy. Use safe and healthy. Breathable material prevents dust, car exhaust and pollen. The elastic ear hooks are easy to wear and have no pressure on the ears. Suitable for any other areas that may need protection, such as hospitals, airplanes, etc.

First layer: Antibacterial and dustproof SMS non-woven fabric layer
The second and third layers: imported antibacterial haze meltblown cloth layer
Fourth and fifth layers: breathable soft hot air cotton layer
The sixth layer: antibacterial and dustproof SMS non-woven layer

Packaging: Individually packed,
Shelf life: five years
Model: Ear-hung breathing valve (supplied)
Condition: 100% brand new
Color: white, gray, black colors and styles are shipped randomly
Quantity: 1 box of 20 pieces
Protection level: KN95 / N95 level, filtering efficiency of non-oily particles is above 95%
Product features: anti-dust, anti-sand, anti-fog, anti-allergy, anti-bacterial. PM2.5
1. It is recommended to disinfect every 4 hours of use.
2. When the product is damaged or the breathing resistance increases, please replace it in time.
3. If you feel uncomfortable with breathing, dizziness, nausea, etc., you should go to a safe place to check and rest immediately.

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